Summer time can bring more traveling into our schedules. Whether it is a weekend trip to see family or finally taking that week long getaway you have been looking forward to for so long. This can also be on top of all the traveling that you do for work. Anything that takes us away from home and ultimately out of our normal schedules and routines, can really throw us off of our health and wellness goals. What can be done to be sure we can stick to our goals when we travel? The most important thing to do

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New Year – A great time to set goals (Not resolutions)!

Many people are against making resolutions. And this is for good reason. Resolutions do not last very long for the most part. By the time March rolls around, resolutions are usually thrown out the window. So I get the resentment towards making these resolutions.

I do not agree with this. I love resolutions. January is as good a time as ever to make positive changes in our lives. Any time we want to better ourselves is a perfect time to do so. The one thing I do not like is calling it a resolution. I like to call them goals. A goal is something I feel has some lasting power. Not something that you will just blow off in a few weeks.

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Calories & Activity

Have you ever been curious about what types of activities burn the most calories? It is a good thing to know how many calories you burn, so you can be most efficient with your time. October is the beginning of the holiday season and the holidays end with the New Year. These months are where most Americans put on a significant amount of weight. This is the time of the year to be sure that our nutrition and exercise stays on track. Check out these activities and decide where to spend your time.

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